Alice in Wonderland

Monday, March 17, 2008

pointless musings

its rather strange how the human mind is so vacillating.

at one moment one feels one is the strongest person alive and can manage life pretty well. at those moments one is quintessentially a 'strong independent and mature person' and doesn't really need 'external interference'.

and then the very next moment suddenly everything seems empty, things seem to fall apart and ones 'glorious past' haunts one. then one wonders as to whether things will ever get better or not. is there any point to moving on when there is a possibility of failure all over again? there could possibly be something inherently wrong with me... and one is fraught with self-doubt.

there are times when wants to lash out at those people who have hurt you. hurt them as bad as they have done so to you. and then one realizes that that is indeed a pointless exercise. in fact everything seems rather pointless... putting in efforts for others, being nice to people, helping others, falling in love, and yeah even this blog post.

but since no one would prolly be reading it, not much is gained or lost eh?


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